T’s roof issues fixed – replacement roof in Liverpool

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T’s roof issues fixed – replacement roof in Liverpool

T in Liverpool gave us a call regarding some poor work that had been performed on his roof. The flat roof above his kitchen was leaking after he’d had someone in to repair it. He wanted a temporary fix so that his kitchen walls wouldn’t suffer permanent damage, followed by a permanent repair. After all of the work was finished, T also received a roof report with information about the exact problems we’d encountered, and what we had done.


The initial problem:Photo 26-09-2015 10 53 37 am

T’s roof had been put on a year previously.
He’d specifically employed a contractor who boasted use of the top level materials and the best quality work, but unfortunately he experienced issues with this.

The roof appeared to be leaking where the soil stack came into the building. When the guys got up there, the Photo 26-09-2015 10 53 10 amflashing had failed and the roof felt didn’t appear to have been burned on properly so it was lifting apart in strips. This had allowed water to get into the material, and then into T’s kitchen.




The temporary fix:

Photo 28-09-2015 4 13 49 pmFelt of a higher quality than that which was peeled away from the roof was installed and burned on in accordance with fitting instructions. Flashing around the soil stack was replaced with lead that was better suited to the job at hand, and the water stopped getting into the property. T was off on
holiday, and now he didn’t have to worry about coming back to find his kitchen flooded, requiring new appliances and probably a new floor.

Photo 28-09-2015 4 14 14 pm

However, problems occurred again following heavy rain and strong winds. The strips of felt that hadn’t been replaced by us had fallen foul to the same issue, and the bat flap joint along with other joints had also failed, requiring a long term solution for the good of T’s roof!




The final fix:Photo 08-02-2016 14 49 28

Discussions with T revealed that he’d didn’t want a new felted flat roof like he’d had before, he was worried that the same problem would occur again. We assured him that our works would be guaranteed, but there was an alternative that we
could offer him. A pitched tiled roof would match the rest of his property and wouldn’t be subject to the same issues as the flat roof.Photo 08-02-2016 14 49 27

The guys got straight to work, and worked with T to pick up new roof tiles that matched the existing roof and tied in with the external rendering on the house. The new roof was put up at a convenient time
for T, so he didn’t have to disrupt his life in order to have the works finished. We think the finished article fits in so well with the property that it’s hard to tell it was added afterwards. We hope that T agrees.Photo 08-02-2016 14 51 26




T had this to say about our workmen:

“Wonderful lot, worked around me and my hols, have reached a conclusion so much better than I had before, plus provided me with a professional report free of charge! Would recommend them and have their card ready for when I need some more work soon.”


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