Roof Windows & Sun Tunnels

Did you know that Velux is the new on-trend solution to getting more natural light in your home?

You know that old joke about lying down, staring up at the stars, and then you wonder to yourself: “Where the hell is my roof?” Well, the creator clearly never had a roof window! Velux is the answer to wanting to stargaze from the comfort of your own bed. Or, more likely, Velux is the answer to adding tons of natural light to your space through beautiful roof windows, and even sun tunnels.

Does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s a window in your roof. They can be installed to flat or pitched roofs, slate or tiled. There are models that open, and ones that don’t. They come in a variety of sizes and are great for single story extensions, bungalows and loft conversions.

A sun tunnel is not so self explanatory, but it is also a nice way to get lots of natural light into your space. Where a roof window is just a straight forward window in the roof; a sun tunnel has an opening that goes in your roof paired with a column of reflective material that traverses the roof space to your ceiling, then an opening in the ceiling as well. They work well with multiple story houses, or if you have a roof space that you generally use as a loft – full of insulation and boxes of old Christmas decorations. 

Have you got any examples?

Here, have a quick look.

How do you install it?

We thinks it’s probably best if we give you an example. In this house, the customer had a suspended flat ceiling inside their extension, which had a pitched roof. We removed the ceiling, made sure the insulation was all up to scratch, and put the windows into gaps that we specifically made for them to go in. The result is this amazing kitchen which is all airy and bright. 

Will you come and install one?

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