Plumbing Repairs

You may just have a leak under your bath or a dripping tap, or you may have had a full flood from some problematic pipework, and you just need a plumber to come out and sort it out for you as soon as possible. It’s very hard to avoid using your  bathroom so you don’t make the problem worse, or to try and deal with having to turn your water off, so you want someone who will get out to you in time to let you get on with your life.

With a team of experienced plumbers boasting impressive response times for emergencies, your dripping could quickly be a thing of the past. Common items are kept in the vans, so if there’s something that can be fixed there and then, it will be! And we’ll always look to have a spare part delivered as quickly as possible if it’s not one of the common ones.

General maintenance is also usually recommended for anything that is being used all of the time – so let us make sure that your taps haven’t rattled loose, your pipes are all still going where they’re supposed to, and that your drains are removing waste water. It’s probably not the biggest issue you could be having, but solving a small problem quickly prevents floods and further damage.

Plumbing breakdown? Maintenance required? For a plumber, call Primus Energy on (01695) 737328.

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