Our Team

The team at Primus Energy & Construction are incredibly hard-working. It consists of three tradesmen: Peter, Paul, and John. Between the three of them they excel in skills, such as but not limited to, Plastering, Plumbing, Roofing, and Brick-laying. 

    • Peter (the Supervisory Problem Solver & Site Co-ordinator) can take your problem off of your hands and transform it into the new favourite part of your building. 
    • Paul (our fabulous All-Rounder) is brilliant in all areas on site. Once briefed by Peter, he’s off – well on his way to getting the job done. 
    • John (our newest member, skilled All-Rounder & Specialist Plasterer) is confident in completing all tasks set by Peter. But, where he really shines is in his Plastering skills. 

Our other two team members are based in our Office in Skelmersdale. This is where all of our Administration and Financing is sorted out, as well as managing our Social Media, Branding, and Website Designs. Our friendly office staff are always available (between the hours of 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday). 

    • Caroline (the Projects & Procurements Manager) communicates competently with our customers dealing with their individual requirements. She deals with Primus’s financial admin by sorting out costs and ordering materials. 
    • Sam (the Website Designer & Social Media Co-ordinator) is in the process of improving Primus’s audience reach through her knowledge of design and marketing skills. 



Loves: All kinds of Music, Cars, Grand Designs Television Show Role: Supervisory Problem Solver, Site Co-ordinator Favourite Drink on Site: Water Favourite Food: Pizza


Loves: Producing Artwork, 80s Music, Wheeler Dealers on Tv Role: Plumbing, Brick-laying, Roofing, and Plastering Favourite Drink on Site: Tea or Coffee with two sugars Favourite Food: Bacon & Eggs


Loves: Acoustic Guitar, Film Buff, Reading, Breaking Bad Role: All Rounder, but known for being a Specialist Plasterer Favourite Drink on Site: Juice Favourite Food: Sausage Barm


Loves: Writing, Acoustic Music, Reading, and Sampling Gin Role: Projects and Procurements Manager Favourite Drink: Lucozade Favourite Food: Pasta


Loves: Reading, Taking Photographs, and Magazines Role: Website Designer and Social Media Co-ordinator Favourite Drink: Cup of Tea Favourite Food: Cake