Our Goals

At Primus Energy, we strive to be the best while maintaining a professional and customer-focused business. We will produce quality work for all of our customers using only the very best materials. We are eco-friendly, using specific materials that don’t harm the environment. 

The name ‘Primus’ originated from the gladiator era where Primus was considered to be the best. This is a quality that we aim to put across all areas of our business. Every single step of your experience with Primus Energy will be delivered politely, professionally and with a smile every time.  

Star Quality

At Primus Energy we pride ourselves on our ability to provide great quality work. We use the best materials, and our workmanship is better than most. That's why you should #ChoosePrimus.

Professional Standards

Every project that we touch is delivered politely and professionally. We treat our customers with respect and loyalty just as they should be.

 Completed     On Time

We aim to meet the deadlines that are negotiated when quoted. Primus Energy do our best to stick to our claims regarding the time of project completion.

Customer  Focused

Customer satisfaction is right at the heart of what we do. We want our customers to come away feeling both impressed and happy with our services.


                                           We use eco-friendly materials, such as, FSC timber and the best insulation products. We never order more materials than we need which helps to prevent wastage. 

Thank you so much to Peter and the team. Cannot believe how they have helped me - to have someone that can do everything plastering, tiling, electrics, boiler repairs, and more. Their quote in comparison to others was excellent.