L’s Houdini Cat – Safe and Sound – Case Study

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L’s Houdini Cat – Safe and Sound – Case Study

L in Bolton had a specific and slightly unusual request:

Install additional netting fitting on top of existing fence panels to stop cat escaping

We’re sure a lot of cat owners have this problem and just don’t know what to do to avoid moggy making a break for freedom. Well, we came to L’s rescue.

L’s garden is picturesque, I can’t really understand why her cat didn’t want to stay inside. But cats are good at climbing and they’re good at exploring, so some reinforcements were required for L, and quick!

The team attended L’s house very quickly at her earliest convenience and agreed with her what needed to be done to keep the cat from escaping, before getting to work installing the tilted green mesh to give moggy one more obstacle that was maybe just a little bit too tricky, but without spoiling L’s garden.

The result is simple yet effective, and not intrusive. L’s cat stays in, and other cats will probably also be kept out.


Here’s what L had to say:

“Great bunch of lads who completed the task in a professional and friendly manner. Job was a little unusual as I wanted an escapeproof garden for my Houdini cat. Mission completed. All netted and secure now much to cats disgust. Thanks lads for a great job.
Next job for them already discussed.”

Very happy to help L! We’ll be seeing you again soon!

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