Heating Controls

Your trusty thermostat has sat on the wall for years now, telling the boiler to come on when it gets down to 10 degrees, and turn off when you’re back up to 21. Or 7am to 8:30am, and then again for 5:30pm to 6:30pm to give your home a warm blast right when you need it. But if you’re not satisfied with how it’s doing anymore, or you’ve noticed it isn’t working properly, then it could be time to upgrade.

siemensCurrent building regulations state that a new boiler should come with a room thermostat, allowing you to have precision control over the heating in your home – only having your heating on when it needs to be and saving you money on your gas bill. A wireless programmable room thermostat allows you to control your heating away from your boiler, and let the program take over putting the heating on at certain times to get you to a constant temperature.

And the newest in heating controls technology – the wifi and mobile phone operated heating controls. If you’ve left your heating on when you’ve left the house, or have noticed a cold snap and want it to heat up before you get back from work, you can do that from a handy app on your mobile phone. A range ofnetatmo different options are available to suit most needs and pockets.


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