February Customer of the Month: I in Merseyside’s Wheelchair Ramp

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I is a wheelchair user who lives in Merseyside. Getting in and out of the house required the help of another person due to the step up to the front door or having to open the gate to go around the back. With the drive space that I had, Primus came in to install a ramp so that there was unaided wheelchair access to the front door.


The first step was to jetwash the drive to make sure that the surface was in the best conditionIMG_0013 for the concrete ramp to be poured onto. The removal of bits of grass and dirt in the lines between the paving on I’s drive will also aid in the smooth movement of the wheelchair across the surface.

IMG_0011Step two was to form a hollow wooden frame for the ramp in the place where it was going to go at the front door, before pouring the concrete into the frame to make the main body of the ramp. A smooth surface is required to ensure that I’s wheelchair wheels can roll smoothly up and down without any hitches.


Following the drying and hardening of the now smooth concrete at the front door, the next step was some red floor paint – important for keeping everything waterproof and also looking good and in keeping with the step currently at the front of the house. The shiny finish will remain the same and means that the ramp is not an eyesore as you drive past the house. The red colour makes it very easy for I to ensure that the wheelchair’s wheels are fully on the ramp before moving, even in low light, reducing any risk of a wheel accidentally falling off.

I had this to say:

Brilliant, hardworking, really worked around me as well. They’ll be back next time my drive needs jetwashing.

We certainly will be I, we’re glad to be able to help you with the access to your home!

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