Boiler Servicing

The Gas Safe Register recommends an annual service of all of the gas appliances in your property – including boilers, gas fires and gas cookers – in order to ensure that they are still safe and operating as they should be. If you live in a rented property, then it is your landlord or landlady’s responsibility to make sure that the gas devices they own, usually the boiler but sometimes also the cooker, are tested and certified at least every 12 months by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

FBIf you’ve just had a new gas appliance installed in your home, the manufacturer will usually specify that an annual service is necessary to maintain the warranty on the appliance. With some of the big guns such as Baxi and Vaillant offering you up to 10 years dependent on model, to throw that away because you didn’t get a service could be a costly and dangerous measure.

A service and Gas Safety check shouldn’t take longer than a couple of hours at most – obviously depending on the number of appliances you have and if there are any issues found. If there aren’t any issues found, then you can rest assured that you are safe for another year unless there is a significant event around one or more of your gas appliances – always contact a professional if there is any Baxi Platinumdamage, if the boiler is shutting off regularly, if you can smell burning or if you can smell gas.

If there is a problem, the engineer will follow the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure – and make sure that the device is made harmless before recommending any future action that may be required. A bill for replacing your boiler because it was deemed to be Immediately Dangerous may be a hit to your pocket, but it’s much better than having that safety risk in your home where it could harm your family.

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To schedule a service, please call Primus Energy on (01695) 737328, email or fill in the contact form on the right hand side of the page. If you know what make and model your boiler is, please have it ready when you contact us. If you have multiple gas appliances such as gas fires and cookers, please let us know that as well.