Welcome to Primus Energy

Primus Energy are a company that are here to help you with all of your plumbing and heating needs. Whether it’s a boiler on the blink, a leaky pipe or you need an entirely new bathroom, Primus can handle it for you.

Here at Primus Energy, we care about our customers. We’re not one of these big companies that overlooks your individual needs, but we do employ enough people to ensure that those needs are met as quickly as possible. Each individual employed by Primus Energy is hand-picked, paying special attention to their conscientiousness, skills and willingness to help. Whichever of our services it is that you choose to use; you will have your own named project manager, on call, seeing you through from start to finish – giving you a personal feel and peace of mind.

Primus Energy currently works for a large database of clients, meaning that we receive bulk-buy discounts which can be passed on to get you a very competitive price. Regular inspections of work are also performed, to ensure that we maintain a high standard of service.

To see if we can help you, call Primus Energy for free today on 0800 234 3889 or email info@primusenergy.co.uk.